The ghost of Governor Palin is still knocking the crap out of Shoe Latif
The ghost of Governor Palin is still knocking the crap out of Shoe Latif
Courtesy Shoe Latif

Sarah Palin Still Hassling Local DJ Shoe Latif

A year ago we told you how local nightclub legend Shoe Latif had gotten crossways with Sarah Palin, back in that brief period when Palin was still governor of Alaska.

Latif got an official cease-and-desist letter because her page had "hijacked a State of Alaska webpage" by using the state's seal.

The whole thing got settled, but it did garner some attention on the web.

So that means the whole kerfluffle comes up when you -- or, say, a prospective employer -- Googles Latif's name. And she's finding that's not necessarily a good thing.

We'd heard she'd been having some job troubles, and asked her what was going on.

basically i am trying to get this job, i really want it bad. before the contracting company said i was perfect for it and a strong candidate. well the hiring manager googled my name. you don't even find it until the second page. there the articles start showing up. so the contracting company is telling me basically that the client is uncomfortable with the situation and now this will put me behind other candidates. so basically i am not getting this job.

The revenge of Palin!!!! She is not to be messed with!!

It's not the first time something like this has happened, either, Latif says.

i've had difficulties getting a job. i had one company that acted like they really wanted me. the manager even hugged me. then no response. wouldn't return my calls. i suspect now it's because of i think it has hindered me a lot.

Now that Palin's no longer governor, maybe things will start looking up. Then again, Google lives on forever.

Best remember that, kids, before you go takin' on Miss Sarah.

(On the other hand, you could be this guy.)


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