Sarah Palin's New Show: Houston Blessed Enough To Get Sneak Preview

If you've been moping around saying you have nothing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, relax. You now officially have a reason to offer gratitude.

There are a whole bunch of cities in the United States, right? (Yes, right.) Well, there are only eight of them who are lucky -- or, let's face it, blessed -- enough to get a Very Special sneak preview of Sarah Palin's new reality show.

It's called Sarah Palin's Alaska, but if you're like the rest of America you knew that already because you CANNOT WAIT for the premiere. And, if you live in Houston and feel like paying money to see a vapid TV show that will be on the air for free a few days later, now's your chance!!!

"'This is flippin' fun.'" At least, that's what Sarah Palin's saying about her new TLC series, Sarah Palin's Alaska," says the press release, and who can doubt it?

TLC is having theater viewings of the premiere in these eight All-American Mama Grizzy cities: Atlanta, Buffalo, New York (Not the "New York-y" part of New York, though, if you know what we mean); Kansas City, Tulsa, Columbus, Ohio, Minneapolis, Phoenix and us.

Stand proud, Houston.

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