Sarah Tressler: Congrats on New Reporting Gig in San Antonio!

Just when we thought we'd never read any more reporting from our favorite stripper-journalist-professor, Sarah Tressler has landed a job with the San Antonio Express-News.

Editor Mike Leary told us in an e-mail that Tressler was tapped to be part of the paper's Go Team, which "covers breaking news, primarily for our Website." She started January 11. Neither Leary nor Tressler had further comment.

Tressler was fired from her society pages job at the Houston Chronicle after the Houston Press wrote about her stripping gig in March 2012. She subsequently filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

She also won a Press "Turkey of the Year" award in 2012.

We're glad that, with so many experienced, dedicated reporters who've gotten the axe in recent years, at least one has been welcomed back into the Hearst fold. Granted, it would've been nice if they'd chosen to hire one of the two or three unemployed reporters out there who haven't written books making fun of "rittle" Asian men or "ESL-ers," but hey, good for them!

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