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Early Poelemics from the Right

District Judge Ted Poe is considered the strong favorite to win the GOP nomination to replace retiring District Attorney Johnny Holmes Jr. [see "Shame, Shame, Shame," by Richard Connelly, November 11]. But the longer Poe hangs on to his bench and holds off declaring for the race, the more restless the Republican natives are becoming.

In a signal that the contest might not be so open-and-shut, a consultant affiliated with westside political kingmaker Steven Hotze is claiming the good doctor will back veteran prosecutor Chuck Rosenthal.

According to consultant Allen Blakemore, Hotze will endorse Rosenthal, with or without Poe in the contest. Asked why Hotze would go with an early underdog, Blakemore took a few shots at Poe's media grandstanding with so-called shame sentencing.

"That's Ted Poe's claim to fame -- he makes folks wear sandwich boards and walk around the street. That's not what the D.A.'s office does. It prosecutes criminals."

Previewing Rosenthal's campaign strategy, Blakemore snipes, "Poe made it clear that's not what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to get out of the D.A.'s office. By contrast, Rosenthal wants to stay."

Poe has told associates he'd like Hotze's support if he runs but believes he can win regardless.

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