SAT Scores Ain't Getting Much Better In Texas Or Anywhere

For U.S. kids who are tested more than any previous generation, it just doesn't seem like we're getting the hang of it.

SAT scores for the class of 2009 were released today and like the ACT scores released earlier this month they didn't bring particularly happy news for Texas as for the most part, despite all efforts imaginable, student scores declined from previous years.

Overall average scores for critical reading were 503 for males (down from 504 in 2008) and 498 for females (down from 500 in 2008) for an overall drop of 1 point from 502 last year to 501 this. And this is out of a possible score of 800.

Math news gave us the one increase, for boys only. Their scores went up by a point to 534 from the year before, while female math scores dropped a point from 2008 to land at 499 this year. The total was a wash at 515, same as the year before and the year before that.

Meanwhile, the Houston ISD put out the happy news about the upcoming October TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test to give the high school students who haven't passed all portions of the test another shot at getting a diploma.

Students in school now are automatically enrolled for the English test on Tuesday, October 20, the math on Wednesday, October 21, the science on Thursday, October 22 and the Social Studies test on Friday October 23.

So-called OOS students -- out of school -- can test at this time by pre-registering for the test at any of the HISD high schools as well as the HISD Student Assessment Department, 5827 Chimney Rock. Or by registering online here.

Getting back to the SAT scores, there remain huge gaps in the scores tied to ethnicity with whites doing the best in reading with a 526 average score and African Americans the worst at 426, while Asian Americans topped math with an average score of 582 to a low of 436 for African Americans. Asian Americans topped the field in the writing portion with a 518 average score, while African Americans trailed with 418.

While females were five points behind males in reading scores, 483 to 488, there continued to be a large gap in math, with females at 492 overall compared to the males' 522. Females did better on the writing portion of the SAT, though, with a 481 compared to the males 469.

For a complete look at Texas scores, click here.

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