Save A Houston Librarian, Buy A Book

Save A Houston Librarian, Buy A Book

While Hair Balls is fearful of ever-expanding government power and its attendant death panels and Wall Street takeovers, there is one government institution we absolutely love: libraries. We're total whores for literacy and recreational/ educational reading. Which is why we're stoked for the Friends of the Houston Public Library's annual book sale, going on today through Sunday at the George R. Brown. That's 80,000 books for sale, y'all, with proceeds going to the HPL, which could really use the dough.

The Friends need volunteers to help set up, count the books sold, resort books, help customers, smuggle weapons, and other assorted tasks. So get to it. And while you're at it, you should consider joining the Friends. Membership has its benefits, including entree to the members-only (heh, "members"...) preview sale tonight. Adult memberships are $20; kids 17 and under are free.

And remember, Sunday is "Bag Day," which, we're told, has nothing to do with old ladies, but actually involves getting to stuff a bag full of as many books as you want for only $10. That's a hard deal to beat, so hop to it!

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