Saving Term Limits Is A Real Emergency!!

The right-wing gadflies of Houston, people like Barry Klein and Bob Lemer, are up in arms and rousing the troops against an effort to relax term limits for Houston city council and mayor.

There's a meeting tonight about the matter, and Lemer sent out an e-mail blast last night encouraging people to "Help Us Storm The Term Limits Bastille Tomorrow!" (The Term Limits Bastille is a favorite tourist spot for cranky folks, although instead of "La Marseillaise" the relevant anthem is a Perry Como song.)

Barry Klein did his part too, urging people to sign up to speak at the hearing. Call 911 and sign up, he said.

Because it is such an emergency.

A few hours later Klein rectified his advice.

"Call 311 and ask for the city secretary to reserve time to speak (Do not call 911 as I suggested in the earlier message)," he wrote.

And use your Jitterbug phones to do it!!

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Richard Connelly
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