Saving the Astrodome: Demolition Crews to Tear Down the Dome Already?

According to Swamplot, Reliant already has crews in place to begin demoing parts of the Astrodome as soon as next week. But before you go into a panic, the work is only being done to portions of the facade and the outer structure that is apparently beyond repair and would be removed regardless of the vote on the stadium in November.

The ballot initiative will determine whether or not the Dome will remain standing. Harris County wants to turn it into a new convention center-type-building thing, but if voters say "no," the old gal will be torn down and a beautiful, gleaming parking lot will appear in its place.

For now, the county says this is all part of the process, but some are concerned that if Houstonians drive by and see the Dome surrounded by rubble, they will assume the vote won't matter.

I suppose it is possible that some will be swayed into believing the Astrodome is already slated for demolition were they to see the teardown taking place. It might even keep some away from the polls. That is why the PAC formed to support the Dome initiative has its hands full this election season.

They even made a fancy-schmancy video with a soundtrack straight out of Friday Night Lights, voice-over by some guy who sounds a bit like God if He is from Texas (and we know He is) and some old video and new renderings to provide some history and speak to the future. Of course, a big pile of ruins surrounding the Dome probably speaks louder to most people, but we'll see.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.