Say Hello To Your Newest Houston Texan

Sometimes we initiate change, and sometimes change is thrust upon us. I'll let you guess which category your Houston Texans fall into, just know that for better or worse, they went out yesterday and found a new body to plug into the secondary.

Of course, it took safety Dominique Barber undergoing season-ending knee surgery for it to happen, but the Kubiak/Smith regime brought in someone to compete for playing time in the secondary. Truth be told, they could have pulled a pickup truck next to the Pierce Elevated underpass and have five guys jump in who could compete for playing time.

So without further ado, say hello to Jason Allen, the newest Houston Texan! Let's get to know him, 2010-style, shall we?

NOTE: "2010-style Get To Know You" means visiting Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube.


The biggest available name on the defensive back market earlier this week was former Green Bay cornerback Al Harris, who at age 82 with two club feet would be an immediate starter and defensive captain on the Texans. Well, Harris (a native south Floridian) decided to head home and play for the Dolphins.

Putting Jason Allen into Google reveals that Jason Allen was released by the Dolphins to make room for Harris. So the Texans picked up the guy who the Dolphins let go to make room for the debilitated octagenarian. Sweet.


Jason Allen's Wikipedia page contends that he has been in the NFL since 2006, yet the "Professional Career" portion of his page is literally three lines long. Not three paragraphs, three lines. And this includes the one line outlining his release earlier this week. In some sense, Jason Allen has managed to do the impossible -- get selected in the first round of the NFL Draft and stay in the league for nearly five years while doing absolutely nothing. Should be a good mentor for Kareem Jackson.


Needless to say, with such little NFL film available on Jason Allen, all we have to go by is some footage from his time at the University of Tennessee.

Yep, he'll fit in just fine.

Again, see you at 8-8.

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