Say What? "All-White" Reunion Party for Port Arthur School

Things That Cause a Double Take, Part XXXVII: This invitation, brought to our attention by the Bayou Blog, for a reunion for the defunct Lincoln High in Port Arthur.

Given the troubled race relations in that part of the state, it's something that makes you think it could just possibly mean what you think it couldn't possibly mean.

Rest easy. We talked to George Davis, one of the organizers for the reunion, who, as they say, happens to be black.

He says the "All-White" refers to clothing, and it never occurred to anyone that people might take it any other way, especially since most alumni are black.

"You ever hear the saying 'You can't wear white after Labor Day?'" he asks. "Well, this is Labor Day weekend, so it's the last chance to wear white. So everyone has to come dressed all in white."

As for the other question -- What the hell is a "bumblebee delegation"? Davis says the bumblebee was the school's mascot and an old school song used the term.

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