Scarlet Spider (That's Spider-Man's Clone, Yo) Lives in Houston in New Series

Marvel Comics is launching a new series in January based on the adventures of the Scarlet Spider, who is a clone of Spider-Man.

The Scarlet Spider, a dude named Kaine, has Spidey's DNA but none of his nice features. As a supporting character in the past he's been seen as someone who is scarred both physically and emotionally, a loner.

In the new series he finds a new lease on life, and while he is not looking to be a hero, he finds himself battling evil. Where? In Houston.

A Q&A with co-writer Chris Yost doesn't start off too promisingly as to why Houston was chosen:

Spider-Editor Steve Wacker brought it up. I think the conversation pretty much went, "How about Houston?" and I said, "Great."

But it does improve:

What are the coolest aspects of Houston as a setting? Chris Yost: Houston is a great city. It's got amazing architecture, amazing culture, music, food, one of the biggest medical centers in the country, close proximity to the Gulf and good people. This is the city that took in thousands of refugees from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

The city has its own personality, much like New York does. And it's a bit of an underdog city, never getting the recognition it deserves as a major American city, which I liked.

And, it being Houston, this Spidey will have a car and be stuck on the Southwest Freeway:

Houston doesn't have as many skyscrapers as New York, so webslinging around is going to be a different experience. Kaine is going to deal with it in an amazing, unheard of way on occasion: by issue two, he'll actually drive a car. He might have to hop on a bus, stick to the side of a truck--the possibilities are limitless.

The issue goes on sale January 11.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.