Scenes from the Cup

What, you think we wouldn't have a correspondent to the biggest soccer game of the year? Please! Our futbol man at-large, Ian Downing-Beaver, captured some memorable scenes from Sunday's Dynamo win.

Extra points to Ian, who plays soccer for Austin College, for finagling a darn-near-on-the-field spot behind the goal, considering he was a regular ticket holder. He signed on to be one of those guys jumping up and down for the halftime show band. Not that he was that amped about being a dancing fan -- apparently all the jumping kept him warm. And, he scored a T-shirt out of it. Dude's got a career in undercover journalism if he wants it. -- Steven Devadanam

All photos by Ian Downing-Beaver
This one wins the "awww" award. We can't wait till this little guy grows up to be a screaming, drum-beating fan.
Dynamo fans represent before the game. (Too bad that flag-waving toddler didn't run through this banner. That would've been cool.)
It takes a lot of paint to make human flesh look like an orange jersey.
For someone who only spent $55 for his ticket, Ian sure got close to the action.

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