School Board Member Who Gave Oral-Sex Speech Barred From Student Contact

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Hitchcock ISD photo
Last month brought the tale of Hitchcock school board member Shirley Price, who went to give a speech to middle-schoolers and ended up talking about oral sex in kind of a Blow Jobs for Dummies, DIY way, at least according to some parents.

Last night was the first time since then that the matter was allowed to be discussed at the Hitchcock school district board meeting, and a raft of parents took the opportunity to vent.

And then the board brought the hammer down: From now on, Price -- a duly elected member of the school board -- must "seek written permission from the rest of the board before she can ever make a speech or communicate to students," according to the Galveston County Daily News.

Gee, "communicate to students" sounds like a pretty broad ban. So does this: the board "banned her from having any contact with Hitchcock students without first getting written approval from her fellow board members."

So basically, Price can't say hi to any kid in the town if she sees them on the street. Price isn't giving interviews, so we don't know if she has any kids in Hitchcock schools, and how that might affect such things as dinnertime conversation or whether she will have to get board approval before asking her kid to clean up her room.

It's clear emotions were high at the meeting, though. One parent threatened to file criminal charges against Price because the trustee gave her daughter a peck on the cheek during a skit.

Says the Daily News:

Price remained silent most of the night, although she questioned some of the board's actions. She made no comment regarding the vote except to say she would abide by the board's provisions.
The school district sent home a letter of apology from Price to parents yesterday.

"First and foremost, I apologize to all the female students in attendance and their parents," Price wrote.

"Please be assured that a discussion regarding sexual matters was not planned, nor was it requested. I accept responsibility for my actions."

The school district had sent a letter to parents shortly after the incident became known, saying Price's remarks were "off-target and objectionable."

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