School's Out For Summer: Travis Elementary Closes For Rest of School Year

Travis Elementary, the school where one kid after another was coming down with or thinking he was coming down with swine flu, was supposed to open next Tuesday to finish out the year in some sort of style.

That's not going to happen now, Norm Uhl, spokesman for the Houston Independent School District just announced.

"The state and city health departments have asked us to keep Travis closed for up to ten more days, so it will not re-open on Tuesday, but we anticipate re-opening for summer school in June. Questions on the reasoning behind this should be directed to the City Health Department," Uhl told Hair Balls.

We asked Uhl what happens to the final grades for these kids. Do they get promoted for next year? Or do they have to do a do-over?

We'll update as we hear.

And who in the world wants to go to Travis for summer school? How much more wiping and disinfecting will be done by next month that hasn't been done already?

Update: Uhl says school for Travis is done for the year and students will pass or fail based upon the grades they have already received. He says most grades were in already. HISD is working with the Texas Education Agency on waiver days. They hope to re-open Travis the first week in June.

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