Scientists To Discuss Life On Mars Here This Weekend; We Discuss Cover Versions

There's a conference here this weekend (according to the Times of London) that will discuss, partly, whether water in liquid form has been discovered on Mars.

Leading to the question, obviously, of whether there's life on Mars.

That, combined with the recent cancellation of the TV series Life on Mars, is a reed stout enough for this collection of versions of the classic Bowie song.

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The original has been disabled for embedding, but you can click to it here.

Here's another Bowie take on it, complete with crowd sing-along (they remember those words?) and waving arms:

But you haven't heard "Life on Mars" until you've heard it done by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britian, complete with interpolations of "My Way," "For Once In My Life," "Born Free" and the Who's "Substitute":

This is a captivating take, featuring only voice and cello, by the new-to-us Lise & Gertrud:

No embedding again, but -- and we did not know this -- Barbra Steisand did it on one of her albums. We're not so sure she should have, although the horns are nice, in a `70s way. Here's a drag queen lip-synching to it:

The Portugese version, as heard in The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray:

If you like quiet and jazzy, here's a non-embedded take by Caecilie Norby. If you like it bombastic, here it is by a Belgian artist called Jasper Steverlinck:

Mars, bitches!!!!!!!!

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