Scott Baio is 46…and Annoying as Hell

The Scott Baio show is working my fucking nerves.

Now why you got to go and be so mean, MPR?

Truth be told, I don’t have any real problems with Senor Charles in Charge. In theory he’s probably an all right guy just struggling to get work and pay the bills on time.

But the show “Scott Baio is 45…and Single” (and its bastard offspring “Scott Baio is 46…and Pregnant”) reek of the very worst aspects of reality television. Everything is so painfully, obviously scripted that it actually makes “The Hills” look like cinema verite. Was anyone else rolling their eyes skyward in the first season when Scott suddenly decided to go back and visit all the ladies he’d laid? (Wow, what a GREAT idea, Scott. WherEVER did you come up with it?)

Geez, Chachi, are you really going to go have lunch with Joanie on the advice of your life coach? Aww….won’t that be a moment for the cameras. And Chachi, have you suddenly decided to drive to the house of one of the millions of Playmates you banged and ask why your relationship didn’t work out? What a terrific idea! Let’s film that, too. (Memo to Scott…maybe it didn’t work out because you were too busy banging every other Playmate within spitting distance.)

Then you have that funny little cut up Johnny V. Oh, Johnny V, you so crazy! With your witty little remarks delivered in Italian swagger that don’t sound at all written down or thought out. And it’s even better when the mean big brother from “The Wonder Years” stops by unannounced to deliver some sage advice. (Turns out that dude writes and produces the show, by the way.)

And just when you thought everything was going to Hell for old Scottie, his girl’s in trouble and he’s…gasp!...gonna have a baby! (Seriously, did the producers pay them to make that happen?)

Combine all of the above with the painfully nasal narration by Scott Baio himself, and it’s enough to make a television addict turn off the set.

I just really feel like this is a prime example of how reality television is truly starting to scrape the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. Honestly, what’s next? “Shaun Cassidy is 49…and Still Living”? – Jennifer Mathieu

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Jennifer Mathieu
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