Scott LoBaido: The Biggest Mother-Effin' Flag In The World!! In Houston!!

You can judge a man's character by the size of his flag, we've always believed.

Used-car lots tend to have very big flags, at least here in Houston. True patriots wear very big, noticeable flag lapel pins, and conscientiously -- for the sake of improving society -- point out those who don't follow suit, like a Democrat or something.

So what better city -- what better place -- to plant the motherfucking biggest USA!! USA!! flag ever than right here in Houston, on a gasket factory?

Because gaskets are important. And so are big flags.

Unfortunately, the biggest flag in God's creation won't be an actual flag. It will be a painting of one. On the other hand, it won't be some wimpy 2-D representation of the Stars & Stripes, it'll be a really cool artistic, not-quite-3-D-despite-the-claim rendering of a fluttering flag.

AND it will be near the flightpaths for planes coming and going to Hobby Airport. So the world can see!! At least that part of the world that uses Hobby instead of Bush.



The artist is Scott LoBaido; the canvas is the Lamons Gasket Company. The roof thereof, to be specific. ("The building was selected because of its nearly 200,000 sq. ft. roof size, a close proximity to William P. Hobby Airport, and the patriotic pride and spirit of the company and its employees," the project says.)

At three and a half acres, LoBaido says it's the largest flag in the world. Who are we to doubt?

Painting began on Flag Day and will end on the Fourth of July. A live webcam catches all the exciting paint action here.

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