"Screamin'" Gus Johnson Videos

As play-by-play announcers go, nobody in any sport has as big a cult following as CBS's Gus Johnson, the screaming, cackling, (at times) seemingly psychotic, mid-card voice of college basketball and NFL football.

If you're reading this, you probably live in Houston, which means you know full well who Johnson is, since he's about the fourth guy in the pecking order of CBS's NFL play-by-play guys. Basically, as many Texans games as he does, he may as well be pulling a check from the Texans.

Full disclosure: I'm not a huge Gus Johnson fan, but I understand the fascination with him, especially this time of year. His maniacal screams are so over-the-top that, to some, they can make even the most insignificant game trainwreck-ishly watchable. As the old saying goes, if I ever make a sex tape, I hope Gus Johnson is there to provide play-by-play and make it watchable. (Not my saying, just to be clear.)

So as we head into the weekend, knowing that Johnson is calling a couple potential blowouts this afternoon and tonight, and that Gus may not be given a reason to be in full-on "RISE AND FIRE" mode, I wanted to be sure all of the Gus sycophants have somewhere to go to plug in their Gus Johnson I.V. and get their fix.

Rise and fire, bitches! Enjoy...

Chris Johnson running from the cops

Brandon Stokley 87 yard touchdown for the win

Indiana half court shot (w/ signature HA! HA!)

Four games worth of Gus from 2007: Rise and Fire, Biatch

A veritable buffet of Gus

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.