Seabrook Elementary School To Parents: Sorry About All Those Bats Flying Around The Place

Here's a sentence you don't like to read in a letter from your kid's school: "We certainly understand your questions and concerns about the presence of Mexican free-tail bats in Bay Elementary."

Well, as long as you understand it......

Bay Elementary, a school in Seabrook that's part of the Clear Creek school district, has been inundated with bats, leading some parents to call for "a sick-out."

As the Houston Chronicle's Ultimate Clear Lake site puts it:

[B]ats have been spotted in the library, classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, even in the cafeteria. The smell of bat guano seeps from a cinderblock wall in the gym and the cafeteria, and last week, a bat swooped over the heads of children eating lunch.

Hey, come on -- they're just trying to give the place a Hogwarts vibe. Kids love it!!

Parents don't, though.

The problem is, as the district says, you can't go around killing these bats. It's against the law. So you have to hire bat guys to come in and shoo them away.

Assistant principal Holly Hughes told parents that the bats can enter through holes as small as a nickel, and a "mesh-like material" has been installed in hot spots. The gym and cafeteria have been closed.

The school has also released a video on how they're attacking the problem (Also noting that "there are other [kinds of bats] hat are much higher percentile" rabies carriers).

As of Sunday, the district says, about 50 bats have been captured. There's no estimate on how big the total population at the school might be.

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