Man's got a right to defend himself against varmints, don't he?

Seabrook PD: School Lockdown Caused By Man "Shooting At Varmints"

The city of Seabrook is conscious of its image, or at least we deduce so from its

extremely majestic motto:

"As Grand by Land as by Bay, and Why Many Choose to Stay."

We're not saying that motto makes a lick of sense, but it is poetic.

As grand as Seabrook may be by land, not to even mention by bay, it still apparently retains some of its Jed Clampett past. A local school was locked down for a time yesterday morning after two shots were heard.

Police investigated and traced the shots to a what seems to be a combination home/mechanic's shot (the edifice is not depicted on the official Seabrook home page linked above) where, after some negotiations about whether the suspected shooter wanted to talk to police, the cause of the shots was determined.

Seabrook PD Lt. Sean Wright explained it succinctly to the Galveston County Daily News:

"He was shooting at varmints," Wright said. "After he was in custody, he stated he was shooting at squirrels and what not."

Hunting is not allowed within the august city limits of Seabrook, and the man was charged with illegally discharging a firearm.

It is not known if he bagged any squirrels, or whether his missed shots resulted in any bubbling crude, and the next thing you know he's a millionaire with the kinfolk saying "move away from there."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.