Sean Hannity To Torture Houston's Wallets

What would you pay to see Sean Hannity in concert? No, we don't mean seeing him be waterboarded -- although he said he'd do that for charity, and Keith Olbermann offered to pay $1,000 to an Army charity for every second Hannity stood it, Sean-o somehow hasn't agreed to it yet.

Hannity doesn't think waterboarding is torture; then again he doesn't think a concert line-up of Billy Ray Cyrus, the Charlie Daniels Band and Lee Greenwood is torture either.

That's what he'll be bringing to the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavillion this August 1.

Not enticing enough for you? The line-up will also include Oliver North and Christian singer Michael W. Smith!!


So, what would you pay for all this?

Hannity's website makes you enter an e-mail and register before you find out, and there's no way in hell we're doing that.

Luckily, the CWMP website just lists the prices for the "Freedom Concert." A reserved seat? $133. A seat on the lawn? $53.

Freedom isn't free, indeed. When someone's preaching to the choir, we didn't realize it cost so much to be in the choir.

We're sure it's somehow a celebration of capitalism, and a way of showing just how socialist or fascist Obama is. But jeez, there's gotta be a cheaper way to do that. (Note: A few days earlier, you can see the US Army Field Band & Soldiers' Chorus for free. They likely won't call Obama a socialist, but they will wave a flag, we're pretty sure.)

Among the CWPM acts charging less this season: Chicago, Rod Stewart, Def Leppard amd Nickleback.

Oh, don't forget there's $24 in service charges for each ticket.

So $157 for a seat? To hear Lee Greenwood sing "Proud to Be an American" for the 13,567th time?

Talk about torture. Now, if Hannity finally agrees to the waterboarding thing....

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Richard Connelly
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