So Grenita Lathan remains for now as interim superintendent.
So Grenita Lathan remains for now as interim superintendent.
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TEA Conservator For HISD Suspends the Superintendent's Search

The Houston ISD school board that voted in February to continue its search for a permanent superintendent was hauled up short Monday when a Texas Education Agency conservator assigned to the district told them to halt proceedings.

Dr. Doris Delaney sent the board a letter dated March 25 saying they need to wait until the TEA gets all the way through its investigation of the district. She wrote:

"I am directing the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees and the administration of the Houston ISD to immediately suspend its Superintendent search activities until the Agency has completed its special accreditation investigation. I am directing the Houston ISD Board of Trustees to take no further action regarding the selection of a new Superintendent until the Board receives written authorization form the Conservator to resume the search activities."

The TEA action comes right before the board was scheduled to do candidate interviews. The board has been under the TEA's microscope for more than a year now because of some continued low-performing schools and its own shenanigans at board meetings. The board briefly removed Grenita Lathan from the interim superintendent position only to reinstate her days later after former HISD superintendent Abe Saavedra decided he didn't want a return engagement with Houston after all.

Possible TEA actions could include the TEA taking over the district and appointing the superintendent itself, as well as removing the present school board.  

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