Season Tickets for Monster Jam? Really?

Somehow or another, I ended up on a Reliant Park event email list. And whenever there's some kind of event for which tickets are available, I get an email. I generally ignore these emails, but I got one the other day that grabbed my attention.

It told me that there are season tickets available for Monster Jam in January of 2010. My first thought was: well, they must not think the Texans are going to make the playoffs. My second thought was: season tickets for Monster Jam? Really? No, really?

I worked events at the Astrodome from 1988 through 2002. And I saw countless numbers of these Monster Jam events, and I still don't get the attraction. To me, there's no there there. Talk about lots of noise signifying nothing, that's Monster Truck jams to me. A lot of loud, ear-drum shattering noise, but otherwise, nothing.

I think NASCAR is boring, but I get it. The first one to get through 500 miles wins. Same thing with the Supercross: the first motorcycle rider to make it through the requisite number of laps wins. But I've never seen the point to Monster Jam. A Monster Truck crushes small cars. Big whoop. But where's the competition? Sometimes there's a speed contest, but other times, there's this free style thing which seems to revolve around how good a monster truck looks crushing the small cars.

Yet these things are always sold out. And I don't get it. Why? What is that makes people shell out cash for these things? What's the competition? Where's the sport? Someone please explain this to me. Please.

And when I worked these events, there were these trucks like Grave Digger and Bone Crusher that made the people in attendance swoon like a friend of mine does whenever he sees a photo of Scarlett Johansson. Then there's a couple of minutes of bone shattering noise followed by a few seconds of action. The only time the event is of any interest is when a driver loses control and crashes into a wall, then you're wondering how much damage was done to the place and whether the building will be able to keep standing. But otherwise, there's nothing.

So what makes people want to shell out the bucks for this event? Why would anyone feel the need to go to all three?

And seriously, what happens if the Texans actually make the playoffs and have to host a football game in January? Who am I kidding? The only way the Texans will be playing playoff football is if the players are traded to a playoff team. Otherwise, I guess the availability of Reliant Stadium in January shouldn't be that big of a problem.

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