"SEC Guy" Takes On Oregon Duck Callers, Hilarity Ensues

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The South shall rise again, Oregonians
Lance Zierlein of 1560 The Game has already been honored by our Best of Houston judges for co-hosting the Best Sports Talk Radio Show in the city; the guy's a genius in coming up with running characters and doing impressions.

SEC Guy is, let's say, someone Zierlein knows very, very well: a combative Alabama doctor, Karol Kenton Kogslotter, who is possibly the world's biggest Tide fan.

He defends the entire conference as being the finest in athletic competition available, too, so he's naturally on top of things as Auburn gets ready to take on Oregon for the BCS Title.

A few weeks back, SEC Guy called an Oregon sports-talk station and exaperated the unknowing hosts to distraction. Today, with a bit more awareness, they invited him back on to tangle with fans.

The results are hilarious, as the good doctor takes on the granola-eatin' hippies of the northwest, defending the honor of the Southland against such socialists.

Or, as he puts it in a tweet, "Here is where I get into a verbal fist-fight with a bunch of drug smokin' crunchies up in Oregon and whip them badly".

Definitely worth a listen.

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