Secure the Border, Fight Obama: Dan Patrick's Lt. Gov. Tagline

State Sen. Dan Patrick wants to be Lieutenant Governor, and he's boiled it down to a very simple message in his latest campaign ad.

"If Sam Houston, Travis, Bowie and Austin were here today, they'd be proud of Texas, but they'd be ashamed of Washington," Patrick says in voice over, while a photo of each of the big guys -- all holding guns, because, you know, this is Texas -- pops up.

Why, you ask? Well because of immigration, of course. Everybody has got to have a thing, a bit that they'll be trotting out for the rest of the electoral cycle, and it seems that one thing we'll be hearing about from Patrick is about illegal immigration. Houston's own really boils the message down much more succinctly than that:

"Secure the border! Fight Obama!" he says, summing it all up at the end of the 30-second spot (though it's a fair question as to who really needs a summary at the end of this thing, considering it was already pretty darn clear in the first five seconds.) Hair Balls almost expected him to throw in a quick Alamo reference, or maybe to bring up Goliad. We would have given bonus points for that, and it would have totally gone along with the "invasion" theme. Also, who doesn't love a good Alamo shout-out?

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