See Yourself On TV From Space!

Here's something neat from NASA that will let you while away your cubicle hours waiting for the corporate ax to fall: live shots of Earth from the space station.

The International Space Station will be streaming live video from external cameras seven days a week at this website. The video will be shown mostly when the astronauts are asleep, from 1 pm to 1 am central time (WE PAY THEM TO SLEEP TWELVE HOURS A DAY??!!! Or maybe they sleep in shifts.)

When it's not streaming video, you'll see a pretty boring map showing the ISS's route over the planet and where it is at any given moment.

"The streaming video will include audio of communications between Mission Control and the astronauts, when available. When the space shuttle is docked to the station, the stream will include video and audio of those activities," NASA announced.

There's also a link on that NASA page that helps you determine when the ISS is going to be over your city, with the chance of maybe seeing it go by.

So mix yourself a great big pitcher of Tang and have a party, dudes. And be sure to wave when the streaming video goes over Houston. Or give a gang sign, maybe.

Whatever works.

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