Semi-Catastrophe For Catastrophic Theatre

Catastrophic Theatre, the successor to Infernal Bridegroom Productions, has had to delay its production of Spirits to Enforce by a week and also cut that week from the planned three-week run of the play.

It's because of illness, says CT's Jason Nodler.

"With a cast of 12, who are all on stage from start to finish and are often speaking at the same time, any illness is a serious setback," he says. "We have been hampered throughout the rehearsal process with various maladies, but in our final week an actor fell seriously ill and we made the decision to open well a week late rather than force a timely opening."

Spirits to Enforce is by Chicago playwright Mickle Maher, and we'll just let the official description suffice:

Utilizing choral elements in both the theatrical and musical sense, Spirits to Enforce collides superheroes, telemarketing, and Shakespeare's The Tempest in a single rusting submarine. Onstage throughout, the cast relates the play's action via telephone, their twelve voices intertwining a myriad of related storylines and themes to reveal a world both fantastic and familiar.

The show now opens December 11, with a preview performance the night before. December 17 is pay-what-you-want; all others are $15.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.