Semi-Good News? Hemi The Dog Might Have Been Run Over, Not Skinned Alive

You might remember our story on Hemi, the East Texas rescue dog who cops said was found skinned alive and then went off to die.

We think this might qualify as "good" news -- police now believe he might have been run over by a car, and not skinned alive by some sadistic psychopath.

It still sucks if the dog was run over by someone who didn't bother to stop and help him, but that is lower down on the horrible scale than the thought of someone gleefully torturing an animal.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office's statement says "After review of the picture of the dog, two local veterinarians have stated the injuries are consistent with the dog possibly being hit in the roadway and run over. "

So it's not definite, the the sheriff says his office is "continuing to actively seek information of the death of the dachshund in Hallsville."

Any further information may be sent to the Harrison County Sheriff's Office at 903-923-4000.

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