Senator Dan Patrick Helps Out Hookers

State Senator Dan Patrick, whose website proudly notes that his first legislative act was to have the words "In God We Trust" put up over the Senate floor, probably should offer an amendment saying "We also trust hookers, too."

That is absolutely the only lesson that can be taken from the story of Senate Bill 1181, authored by Patrick.

The bill bans amusement parks from hiring sex offenders, because no one ever stands up for sex offenders.

But then, as the Austin American-Statesman's blog reports, Patrick decided to allow an exception to the ban -- in order that hookers could work at the parks.

Whoo-hooo, Dan! We wish you were around when we were planning our class trips!!

Patrick accepted an amendment from Eddie Lucio of Brownsville, who insists he is talking about ex-hookers, which certainly takes some fun out of the equation.

"Why should we close the doors if they want to engage in legal employment and start anew?" Lucio told the Statesman. "Let them work at something legal."

Patrick said he's fine with the amendment, because he's just worried about kid-diddlers.

"I want to be sure when those children are there, they're not in the company of sexual offenders," he said.

But come on, at least there's hope now that some of these lame amusement parks will be fun. Too bad Astroworld's closed.

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