Chances These Rockets Players Will Still Be in Houston After the Trade Deadline

Eric Gordon could be on the trading block come February 10.
Eric Gordon could be on the trading block come February 10. Photo by Eric Sauseda
The NBA trade deadline is February 10, just over a month away. The Rockets, a very young team with future success likely two to three seasons away (or more), is probably going to be active in this year's trade market. We all know their big name rookies will remain a part of the core of this team as will others like Kevin Porter, Jr. and recent additions like Garrison Matthews.

But, much can and likely will change over the course of the next six months for this franchise. They have more draft picks over the next five or six years than any team other than the Thunder. Eventually, some of those picks could be turned into players via trades, but amassing additional picks is the likely choice of GM Rafael Stone and the organization right now. If they can get a good, solid young body in the process, great, but everything they do in February will be with an eye on next season and the seasons to follow.

Let's rank the chances that these Rockets will still be on the roster February 11.

Jae'sean Tate
Chances He Remains: 100 percent

There have been rumors floating that teams would like to make a run at Tate, the second-year forward who has gained a reputation for his tenacious defense and hustle. He also can handle the ball and run point fitting the mold, some believe, of a young Draymond Green. But, the Rockets love Tate's flexibility and his all-out hustle. They also love the fact that he is on a very team-friendly contract for at least one more season before becoming a restricted free agent. Hence, he's going nowhere.

John Wall
Chances He Remains: 99.9 percent

Here's a case of will they or won't the, as in will the Rockets try to sell off Wall's massive contract or won't they? They would need to provide draft capital to go with Wall's contract and accept back plenty of debt in return making any deal quite unlikely. The fact that Wall has not played all season makes the prospects of a deal even more bleak. But, that 0.1 percent reflects whether the Rockets might finally give in to a buyout.

Daniel Theis
Chances He Remains: 70 percent

Theis has been pretty much everything the Rockets could want after signing him in the offseason. He's played sporadically as the team has tried to figure out its rotation and has not complained. He continues the stalwart defense he built his reputation on in other locations. But, he also could be enticing for a contender needing to bulk up along the front line. In the end, he probably remains in Houston, but if the right deal comes along, don't expect the Rockets to turn a blind eye.

Christian Wood
Chances He Remains: 50.1 percent

Wood is, by far, the Rockets most intriguing trade prospect. He's young, on a relatively cap-friendly contract given his skillset, and still on the way to his prime. But, he is six to seven years older than the Rockets core and his most recent pouting session during the second half against the Nuggets that led to his suspension shows cracks in the facade. He also has some limitations in terms of his positioning, seemingly not able to share the floor with other big men. Stone and company could get really good return on a player like Wood, which is probably why this is slightly better than a 50/50 proposition.

DJ Augustin
Chances He Remains: 40 percent

Augustin is a terrific veteran presence for the Rockets, but his minutes have been nearly eliminated by Armoni Brooks and Josh Christopher. As the younger Rockets gain a foothold, it seems more and more like Augustin will spend more time on the bench than in the lineup. Other teams needing veteran backup help at point could certainly look to Augustin. The fact that he has only a partially guaranteed deal for next season doesn't hurt either.

Eric Gordon
Chances He Remains: 30 percent

It sucks to even talk about this because Gordon has been nothing but professional for the organization. Injuries aside, he has been one of the few guys on the roster who can consistently get his own shot and hit a high percentage from distance. But his age and the fact that he is having a resurgent year hitting nearly 44 percent of his three pointers makes him a prime candidate to be moved to a contender in need of his talents. The only problem is the one year and $19.5 million left on his contract. That will bring down his value slightly, but someone is going to want the hot-shooting guard and the Rockets have an opportunity to get a decent return.
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