Seven Crazy Ways Houstonians May Be Trying to Lose Weight

I know I am not the only woman who has her favorite jeans from years ago hiding in the back of the closet. No, I'm not a hoarder but that's my motivation. One day I am determined to fit into those jeans again.

"There are no shortcuts," said trainer and owner, Bella Barak, of Bella Body Fitness in Houston. "The only way to lose weight is through eating clean and exercise, everything else is just a gimmick."

Is Houston becoming the new Hollywood? There are so many ways to fight that extra belly fat. Some women have tried body wraps and corset training to get quick results. Here are a few more dubious ways women are trying to get their sexy on and stay slim.

7. Tummy Tuck Slimming System If you desire a tummy tuck and can't make the trip to the surgeon's office, then fear no more because all you really need is $40 and 10 minutes, so say the ads. Within that time frame the Tummy Tuck System claims to trigger a fat burning reaction that is supposed to aid in your weight loss. Uhm, okay. When I saw the commercial I was skeptical and I'm not the only one who believes this doesn't work.

6. Hypnosis This alters your state of mind and must be done by a professional (on a comfy couch!). This will help you get a better mental image of yourself so better decisions are made when it comes to eating habits. I have always secretly wanted to try hypnosis to find out if someone can actually change my train of thought on eating. What if it works? Watch out Beyonce!

5. Mouth Spray Not supposed to freshen your breath but help you fight those cravings. Three sprays are all you need to feel fuller and fight the urge to get a second plate of your mother's favorite dish or eat that cookie dough ice cream. This spray may just do the opposite and make me hungrier.

4. Hula Hoop The hoop you twirled around your waist while in elementary school may be just what you need. You can take classes at Nia Moves where you don't need any experience and they teach you different aerobic workouts with the hoop. The calories you burn vary on your weight and how fast you can hula hoop. I use to do this as a little girl growing up and still find it entertaining. Hey, it might make you feel young again, but with less baby fat.

3. Cosmic Jump Workout Now this is fun. Jumping for joy and losing weight at the same time? Cosmic Jump Trampoline Entertainment Center has found a way to incorporate childhood activities into a workout. Why should losing weight be all about pain?

2. Laxative Tea Is this the easy way out? I guess it depends on how often you drink tea? There are some women who drink dieter's tea as a quick way to get to a flat stomach. I'm not saying that it works, but it's out there. I heard through the grapevine that some taste like grass and others don't smell so good. But there are flavors available such as lemon and raspberry mint. I will plead the fifth about the tea.

1. Corset Training Not every woman is born with an hourglass figure so that's why someone invented the corset. Old school right? There are several different materials available and you are supposed to wear it several hours a day several times a week. "Ain't nobody got time fa that." I fell victim to this and ended up purchasing this latex entrapment. It did make me look slimmer, but it also cut me in the process. It's hard to run three miles when you can't breathe. It started falling apart and I am proud to say it's in the trash.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.