Mama roach, doing what comes naturally
Mama roach, doing what comes naturally

Seven Utterly Disgusting, Possibly Cute, Animal Births

Recently the net became somewhat viral with gross pictures of a roach giving birth.

It resulted in comments like "Dude, I can look at photos of eye herpes and browse gore websites ALL DAY LONG, but I cannot make it past 0:16 of this video. So, so foul."

And yet roaches are not alone, nor are they possibly even the worst offenders, when it comes to animals giving birth.

Check out these seven videos. (Note: Your mileage may vary on whether some of these are disgusting or actually kinda cute).... 7. Housefly

6. Goat

5. Giraffe

4. Chimp

3. Snakes

2. Surinam Toad

1. Elephant Seal (Mother's reaction FTW)

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