Seven-Woman Catfight As Epic As It Sounds

The current lead item on the Cherokee County Sheriff's Web site is the impending auction of a stray heifer, but that doesn't mean things have been quiet lately.

Unless you consider an epic catfight between seven women, in full view of the cops, to be quiet. Maybe in Jacksonville, Texas, they do.

KLTV has the details on the Sunday incident.

Two of the women involved, Soni Brooks and Christina Thornton, had been "exchanging heated text messages" over...wait for it...you only get one guess....correct! "...about the father of Christina's children."

Mere text messages could not contain the passion involved in the baby-daddy discussion, so two carloads full of pissed-off women met in the parking lot of a convenience store.

Where they commenced to whaling away on each other.

But it gets better:

The owner of the convenience store called police, but before officers got there four of the women had already left.

While officers were questioning Ms. Thornton, the four women that left came back and began fighting with the other women again.

Because you're not going to let a couple of cops stop you from dealing out an ass-whupping.

The final scorecard:

Brittany Monique Spink, 22, Soni Lynn Brooks, 20, Terri Jean Birck, 38, Elizabeth Cova, 19, Christina Thornton, 25, and Skyla Victoria Singleton, 21, were arrested and charged with "participating in a riot." Kimberly Shana Darty, 19, was charged with "giving a false name to police" and "retaliation" for threatening one of the witnesses -- Ms. Birck -- while police were present.

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