Seven-Year-Old Nabbed For Weed At HISD School

You knew something like this was gonna happen as soon as Obama was elected: There is a drug epidemic among seven-year-olds.

You have to define an epidemic as "one kid," but still, that seems like one kid more than we would have guessed would be picked up for weed possession at an HISD school today.

Officials say a student at Foerster Elementary was discovered with 0.2 grams of marijuana this morning.

"CPS is involved as well as HPD, if that's any indication," HISD spokesman Norm Uhl tells Hair Balls.

Uhl told the Houston Chronicle "another student reportedly told on the boy"; we've asked him to confirm that but haven't gotten that confirmation yet.

If true, it sounds like the kid was bragging about it, or maybe it was just sticking to his juice box and someone saw it.

Houston police spokesman gives this report:

HPD responded to the school at the request of HISD Dispatch. Upon arrival the officer spoke with the principal and the child, who in fact had 0.2 grams of marijuana. The marijuana was taken into custody and the child was released to his parents.

The student has been suspended for three days.

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