Sexting: Parents to be Punished for Their Kids' Naughtiness if Bill Passes

If you're the parent of a tween/teen who's dumb enough to sext, you've got enough problems. You don't need to add to them by being forced to attend a class on the whole thing.

But according to a bill announced today by state Attorney General Greg Abbott and state Senator Kirk Watson, one of the parents of any kid found guilty of what will be the Class C misdemeanor of sexting will be forced to attend an "education program about sexting's long-term harmful consequences."

Because parents, you know, need to be taught that having their 15-year-old darling little daughter flashing her titties to a boyfriend is a bad thing.

"Studies show that teenage students are increasingly taking, sending and receiving explicit pictures of themselves on their mobile telephones," Abbott said. "This dangerous trend is harmful to young Texans. We are joining with Sen. Kirk Watson to address the growing problem of sexting and educate - not criminalize - young Texans who make the unwise decision to participate in it."

The intent of the bill is not bad: Currently sexting pictures would fall under child pornography laws, and that's a big thing to have on your record.

The bill's "legal provisions ensure that minors are punished for their improper behavior, but do not face life-altering criminal charges," the duo said.

Can't argue with that, because kids of that age tend to do dumb things. And parents probably don't need to be taught how sexting is one of those things.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.