Shadaysha Little, Aricka Isaac: Pregnant Robbers Get Busted

If you're 36 weeks pregnant -- that's nine months, if you're not a math whiz -- as far as we can tell, you don't want to do much except have the damn baby.

If you're Shadaysha Little, 18, you're not going to let a little pregnancy get in the way of robbing someone, if what Texas City police say is true. And you take along your pregnant pal, Aricka Isaac, 22, to help. Hell, she's only four months pregnant, it should be a breeze for her.

The two women were arrested in Texas City for breaking into an apartment, allegedly seeking money owed to them, and then robbing it while a female resident huddled in a bathroom talking to 911, according to the Galveston County Daily News.

Best line: A cop arrived and one of the suspects walked into the room. "The officer ordered the obviously pregnant woman to lay on the floor face first and ordered the second woman out of the room," the paper says.

That's gotta hurt.

Both women were wearing shower caps and gloves, police said.

They're both in Galveston County Jail on a $10,000 bond each. Hey, at least it's free health care for the delivery.

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