Beer and Bob, anyone?

Shameless Pub Plug

Most of you make your happy hour plans before lunch. But if you're scrambling for a place to make a drunken fool of yourself relax after work, you might try Pub Fiction (2303 Smith, 713-400-8400).

Yep, the Midtown watering hole is the site of the good ol' Houston Press Concert Series. This week, Austin crooner/handsome devil Bob Schneider takes the stage round 10 p.m. for a free concert. All you have to do is show up early, hang and work through your first two sets of pickup lines. Doors open at 5 p.m. The next show on September 27 features Mike Eli (Eli Young Band) and Deryl Dodd.

I'd totally go, but I don't think Schneider cares for me much, not after our last run-in. (Scroll down to Been There, Done That.)

I wish him well, tho. And I certainly admire his beard. The guy clearly is the exception to the clean shaven/more sex rule. — Steven Devadanam

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