Shane Perez: As His Own Pop Looks On, Drunken Dad Of The Century Is Knifed By Son In Father's Day Fracas

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Spending Father's Day with his 21-year-old son Cody Perez was top priority for 38-year-old Shane Perez. Perhaps he wanted to make up for lost time.

Salvador Perez, Shane's father and Cody's grandfather, told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Shane had been absent for much of Cody's life, and would soon be gone again for another prolonged period. On Monday, Shane planned to turn himself in to Corpus Christi cops, who had a warrant for his arrest.

Instead, it was Cody who went to jail, and one day early at that. Shane's Father's Day celebration ended in the morgue.

Salvador Perez said that Cody and Shane spent the afternoon drinking together in a trailer park, with Shane becoming more and more belligerent as the hot day dragged on into evening.

Eventually Shane quit berating Cody and started beating on him, and around that time, the two of them showed up at Salvador's house.

"He hit him twice, so Cody went to call 911," said Salvador Perez. "I took the phone and talked to them and told them we'd had too much to drink and it's fine. But that's when my son started making threats against my life and my grandson heard. Ten minutes later he's on the floor bleeding to death."

Salvador said things stayed calm until Shane realized that the cops were not on the way. At that time, Salvador said, Shane decided to resume his verbal attacks on Cody, who responded by arming himself with a paring knife from the kitchen.

Salvador claimed that his son practically stabbed himself on his grandson's blade. Salvador told the Corpus paper that Shane pushed him into Cody, and then Shane pretty much impaled the underside of his own arm on Cody's blade when he took a swing at the pair of them.

"I am proud to be the father of my boy, but what he was doing wasn't right," said Salvador, who also told the paper that he had raised Cody since the age of eight. (Cody also met his mother only once, and suffers from emotional problems and learning disabilities.)

The knife caught an artery and there was nothing grandfather and grandson could do to stop the bleeding. Salvador said Shane told Cody he loved him just before his put in an ambulance. He died en route to the hospital.

Both Shane and Cody knew the elder of the two was doomed.

"He knew he had met his maker," Salvador Perez said. "He looked up at me and said 'Dad, I'm dying.'" Salvador said his grandson "just fell apart," saying "I killed my dad," over and over. "I didn't believe it until they told me he didn't make it," added Salvador. "I almost passed out."

Cody Perez is charged with suspicion of murder and being held in the Nueces County Jail with his bail set at $150,000.

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