Shannon O'Roark Griffin: Former NASA Trainer Travels to Missouri to Kill Husband's Mistress

You'd think one NASA-related incident of a woman taking a road trip with evil intent to deal with a romantic rival would be enough.

But you'd be wrong.

Police say Shannon O'Roark Griffin, 52, has been charged with capital murder for killing the woman her husband admitted having an affair with Friday, and then briefly going on the run.

O'Roark Griffin worked as a training specialist at NASA but had retired to Granbury. Her husband, Roscoe Griffin, is a retired Air Force colonel who was a computer instructor at NASA years ago.

Reports say the Griffins had been having marital trouble and, in a counseling session, Roscoe Griffin admitted he was having an affair with psychiatrist Irina Puscariu, who lived in the Kansas City suburb of Gladstone.

O'Roark Griffin then traveled to Puscariu's home and shot her three times in the face.

Court documents say O'Roark Griffin called both her daughter and Roscoe Griffin to tell them what she had done. Police traced the cell calls and arrested her.

O'Roark Griffin follows in the dangerous footsteps of NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who famously drove to Florida to confront her own romantic rival.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.