Shantel Moore and Friends: Scammed Cancer Patients and Spent It on Maserati & Gucci

If you have a mind sick enough to rip off desperately ill people, you probably think to yourself, "Cancer patients -- hey, they may die soon, so what'll they care?''

Houston police say Shantel Moore, 29, apparently had that kind of coldhearted and inhumane logic. The Stafford woman worked for Methodist Hospital in Houston, and cops say she stole identity information from cancer patients and used it to get tons of payday loan money.

What did she and her friends do with it? According to court documents, they spent it on "a Maaserati QuattroSporte...Gucci belts, shows and clothing and...a BMW 6 series convertible this year."

Living the high life. (The Maserati is actually called a Quattroporte.)

Also charged were her boyfriend, Antoine Williams, and Patrick Reed.

Moore told Pasadena cops that Williams was her ex-boyfriend and he was responsible for her horde of material goods. As proof, she noted he drove "a silver Maserati."

Police weren't buying it. "Based on the fact that all the victims shared a common trait of being patients at Methodist Hospital where Moore was employed, both codefendants admitted their roles as well as defendant Moore's role, and her unique IP address was used to open fraudulent accounts," court documents say.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.