SHARK Attack

It's rodeo time, cowboys and girls. And as usual, not everyone is pleased. From Monday to Wednesday of this week, a custom-built rolling movie theater will be driving around town, showing scenes of rodeo carnage.

The feel-good flick comes courtesy of an organization called SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). And yes, that is a weird acronym to come up with when talking about being nice to animals. Here, Sharky, Sharky. Here, Sharky, Sharky. That's a good boy. Wait, what are you — oh, God! My arm! My arm! Get this thing off me! Oh, the pain! Let me die, Lord, please!

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye out for the rolling theater, which the group has dubbed the Tiger — yet another warm and cuddly animal. According to the group's press release, "The Tiger's video shows the terror of rodeo animal victims, and the maiming and deaths. There's no country music, blaring announcers or rodeo clowns to distract from the cruel carnage. People get to see what the animal victims endure." Giddy up. — Keith Plocek

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