Sharon Keller, Pat Lykos Fare Badly in Houston Bar Association Qualification Survey

The Houston Bar Association has released its judicial qualification poll for this year's primaries, and it's clear two candidates aren't viewed favorably: Criminal Court of Appeals Justice Sharon Keller and Harris County DA Pat Lykos.

Since the overwhelming number of people who take part in the survey are defense attorneys, the two may wear it as a badge of honor.

But Keller and Lykos led the way in the number of people ranking them "not qualified" for their jobs, with Keller receiving 459 such votes and Lykos 530. The HBA says 1,720 people participated in the poll, which isn't a phone survey but requires forms to be filled out and returned.

It wasn't all bad for the two: 193 people thought Keller was "well qualified," as did 350 people ranking Lykos.

(Good news for Lykos: If somehow Lloyd Oliver wins the Democratic primary for the DA race, he's viewed worse than she is, with 483 "not qualified" votes and only 19 "highly qualified.)

Both Keller and Lykos have been controversial, Keller perhaps more famously for her refusal to accept a death-row appeal that was filed a few minutes late.

Lykos was the first DA in a long time to be outside the traditional group that ran and staffed the office, and not everyone has agreed with her personnel decisions and policies.

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