Shayla Rightmire: UPDATED: Shayla Rightmire Killed by Husband; No Charges Filed Yet in Auto-Ped Incident

Say what you will about accused East Texas meth dealer Shayla Rightmire, but you can't deny that the woman has a code. On her Facebook page, it's right there, clearly stated for the world to see:

Shayla answered Do you support drug testing to get approval to be on Welfare? with Yes.

Maybe she's some kind of proud Red State, Tea Party (alleged) meth dealer. Maybe she really believes that only private funds should be used to purchase her wares. It's weird -- most drug dealers will take money from wherever they can get it, but Rightmire's nothing if not a maverick, kinda like Sarah Palin, or maybe even a real-life Joan Galt.

"Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone," she says elsewhere on her page.

Hell, or maybe that whole thing about drug testing was just a ruse designed to throw off Trinity County cops. If that was the case, she failed.

Yesterday Trinity County constables nailed Rightmire and her 22-year-old alleged accomplice Shyan Spikes in an undercover meth buy-bust in the Trinity suburb of Pinecrest. Constable Woody Williams said the operation came after complaints reached his desk of increased drug activity in the suburb.

Rightmire and Spikes are each charged with third-degree felony counts of possession and delivery of a controlled substance. If convicted they could face two to ten years in the pen on each count.

UPDATE: In a tragic coda to this piece, police in Trinity County say Shayla Rightmire was killed after her husband, 34-year-old Charles Aaron Rightmire, ran over her with his truck late Wednesday night. The incident occurred at the couple's home.

According to a Trinity County Sheriff's Office press release, Shayla Rightmire was found dead in a vacant lot next door to their home, near some tire tracks left by the truck. Sheriff's deputy Ralph Montemayor said that Charles Rightmire has been cooperating fully with the investigation, which is also being conducted by the Texas Rangers and the Trinity County District Attorney's Office.

No charges have been filed. Montemayor said that DA Joe Ned Dean told him that a grand jury will decide in January whether any charges will be filed. Rightmire has two felony drug convictions from the 1990s.

Shayla Rightmire leaves behind two children.

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