Sheila Carter: Woman Blows a .47 -- Four-Seven -- On Breathalyzer

KTRK had an exclusive story last night on a woman who is in the Montgomery County Jail on drunk-driving charges.

How drunk? She blew a .47 on the Breathalyzer. (Maybe if she was only in the .32 range, she would have remembered to never take the Breathalyzer test.)

The Montgomery County Jail roster doesn't list height and weight, and Carter doesn't seem to have a Texas Drivers License (oops), but let's say she's 120 pounds.

According to this blood-alcohol calculator, she would have had to put away eleven drinks in one hour to reach that level.

Not to mention that she should be dead from alcohol poisoning.

"It's something that I have not seen in my career as a prosecutor," KTRK was told by Warren Diepraam, a Montgomery County prosecutor who has long been aggressive in battling DWIs.

Carter, 48, was arrested last month and is still in jail. The crash that led to her arrest happened in October.

KTRK reports that she told EMTs at the scene, "I don't drink very much, honey."

But when she does.....

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