Sheila Jackson Lee Is Still Questioning the Validity of Trump's Win (2)
Photo via U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's Facebook

Sheila Jackson Lee Is Still Questioning the Validity of Trump's Win

After such a controversial and contentious presidential election that even caused the Electoral College to garner more public interest than that particular body has seen in a long while, of course the final step in the process, Congress's signing off on the Electoral College votes, couldn't take place without a little more opposition from Democrats.

And since Houston's own U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is always on hand for this sort of theater, she was right in the middle of one last attempt to keep President-elect Donald Trump from being the signed, sealed and delivered 45th president of the United States, according to Politico.

For most people, the 2016 presidential election was over when Trump shocked the hell out of just about everyone and won the presidency back in November. However, technically the election was only over once all of Congress convened to certify the Electoral College votes in the last step, which has to take place before his inauguration on January 20.

Congress, presided over by Joe Biden, president of the Senate, certified the election results Friday afternoon.

But not without one final bout of fanfare. Lee was one of a handful of Democratic members of Congress who objected to the final tally of the vote on the grounds of voter suppression and the use of electors who she says may not have been qualified to serve in the Electoral College.

Lee, you must understand, was taking a firm stand on principle here.

"This is an American question of justice and fairness and the appropriate running of presidential elections," Lee told Politico before Congress convened.

The thing is, like it or not, whether the Russians were involved or weren't, and despite Trump's many conflicts of interest, the pussy-grabbing business, the popular vote and all the rest, according to the rules laid out in the Constitution, Trump won the election and is going to be the next president.

While we get that her heart — or whatever organs make someone decide to throw up one more blockade in an election that already feels like that Kevin Costner movie about the postal service that went on so long we started to wonder if it was actually playing out in some warped zone of the space-time continuum — is in the right place, at this point it also just felt like the purest, most meaningless type of political grandstanding there is.

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