Sheila Jackson Lee, We're Sorry (Really)

Hair Balls regretfully posted this afternoon misleading information about a Washingtonian magazine survey concerning members of Congress.

The blog item, which we've taken down, was supposed to be based on the survey the magazine published in its current September 2010 issue. However, the link on the magazine's website for the story actually connects to a 2006 survey. Hair Balls mistakenly wrote about the 2006 survey as though it was the current one.  

We apologize for this error. On the other hand, not much has changed.

Though it is not linked to on its website's table of contents for the September issue, Washingtonian does have the results of its 2010 survey online. And oddly enough, Hill staffers don't think much more of Sheila Jackson Lee than they apparently did in 2006.

According to the DC magazine, Jackson Lee is still the "Meanest" member of the House.

Here are the rest of the results as they relate to Texas' delegation:

Kay Bailey Hutchison, third meanest Senate member.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, winner of Best Dressed in the Senate.

Jackson Lee took the top ranking for both Meanest and Show Horse in the House. She also scored a second place prize for Fashion Victim.

Ralph Hall holds the second place spot for Funniest congress member.

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