Shelby Kibodeaux and Amy Walther: "Animal Rescuers" Lie About Finding a Home for a Dog Who's Already Dead

Juno on couch.JPG
Courtesy Lydia Caldwell
You know what wouldn't suck? If this little dude were still alive.
This is a story about a puppy who was needlessly euthanized by people who claim to be big animal rescuers in Houston, who appear to have perpetrated a lie, and who were dumb enough to put the lie in writing.

At center stage, really, is the dog: Juno. A stray pittie, twenty-odd pounds when found, with an unknown skin condition -- possibly allergies. Juno's found by Jeff Caldwell around June 1. He'll die on July 9, but we'll get to that later.

Caldwell and his wife Lydia are referred by a fellow animal rescuer to a woman named Amy Walther. A volunteer with Citizens for Animal Protection. The deal is, Walther will foster Juno, and the Caldwells get a chance to screen any potential adopters. But when Lydia Caldwell says she's ready to take Juno back in early July, Walther surrenders him to CAP, and then tells her buddy Shelby Kibodeaux that Juno is lost.

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