Shelley, if you're wrong, we don't wanna be write.

Shelley: Libs Suk!

It's just 14 days until the elections, and early voting has begun. And congressional candidate Shelley Sekula-Gibbs wants your vote. Twice.

Her "Vote Twice for Shelley" commercial is intriguing (if a little confusing). Sekula-Gibbs pops on the screen, allowing that she's "approved this message," and then giving voters clear instructions. Well, sorta clear.

"If you want a Rep to represent you in Congress for the next two years, instead of liberal democrat, you must write me in."

But, how? How?

Why, it's simple, sez Shelley: First, vote for her in the special election. Then in the general election, write her in.

"Use the wheel to spell out 'Shelly Sekula-Gibbs,'" she says, "then cast your vote for Shelley." A video shows you how to use the little wheel to spell out her name, cast your vote and save Texas from liberals. Then the big closing campaign tune "Vote Twice for Shelley," which sounds a little like "Tums-Tums-Tums-Tums....Tuuuuuuuuums..."

We've tried spelling out "Shelley Sekula-Gibbs," and in doing so, found myriad words and phrases, some IM chat-worthy, some ominous. Eighteen-year-old, IMing voters who can't spell her name can, however, have some fun wordplay using the letters of her name (punctuation added for effect):

  • Shelley: U Seksi!
  • Big seksy ass! (my personal fave)
  • Hells Ya!
  • Bi-seksual
  • Hella bible
  • U sik!
  • She likes abs
  • Suga kiss
  • She yells, 'I has gas!'
  • U kyss like a big eel!
  • Seek Legal Hussy

    Fun and games, right? While I played with the letters, Keith Plocek pointed me to a site that generates similarly goofy phrases with her name.

    But could there be secret messages in the nomenclature? Consider what can be woven together using those letters...

    Sell a hubby: Some voters weren't too pleased with the way she summarily dropped her husband Sylvan Rodriguez's name after he passed and she got elected. Libs Suk: She's made it clear where she stands on this issue, at least in her commercials.

    Yes, U all seek BS: Well, voters, you've been warned. — Steven Devadanam

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