Sherell Baldwin: Killer of Beaten, Burned Pregnant Model Confesses and Has Very Strange Tale to Tell

Houston police have filed murder charges in the case of the aspiring model whose body was found beaten and burned last month, and according to one story he's got quite an explanation for what happened.

Alexander Adam Jackson, 24, was arrested yesterday and confessed to the killing of the 24-year-old Baldwin, police say.

"Jackson also admitted he dumped Baldwin's body in the 9500 block of Scranton and returned the following evening to set her on fire," HPD says.

KHOU has more details, and if true then, well, Jackson's tale is definitely in the hard-to-believe category.

Jackson told police he was driving her car when they got into an argument. He said Baldwin jumped out of the moving car and when he turned around to pick her up, she was badly hurt.

In a confession, Jackson said he freaked out and kept driving because he didn't know what else to do. He said Baldwin died from her injuries while he was driving around so he dumped her body on Scranton...

Baldwin died from strangulation, according to the autopsy.

Jackson told police that may have happened while he was giving her CPR. Jackson also said he didn't know Baldwin was pregnant.

Baldwin was in her third trimester of pregnancy, but apparently wore it well.

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