Photo by Austin Miller
Sheriff Adrian Garcia, hyping the Obama administration

Sheriff Adrian Garcia Helps Feds Trumpet Stats On Illegal-Alien Removals

The Immigration & Customs Enforcement department brought in some help for today's announcement in Washington about how great they're doing removing illegal aliens: Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Garcia appeared with Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, and ICE director John Morton to announce, according to the official release, "record-breaking immigration enforcement statistics achieved under the Obama administration -- including unprecedented numbers of convicted criminal alien removals and overall alien removals in fiscal year 2010."

Garcia held up Harris County as a role model for how law enforcement should act:

As the proud product of a family that immigrated to Houston, I am certainly sensitive to the immigration issue. At the Harris County Sheriff's Office, we leave it to other arms of government to decide who is illegal and who is not. But when someone is brought to my jail accused of committing a crime against the state of Texas, they should be subjected to all the laws.

We use 287(g) and Secure Committees in tandem to find out which inmates need to have their immigration status looked at by ICE as soon as their local criminal case is over

He added that "We're not just the place where 287(g) was first put into action, but we're also a national model for how the program works smoothly at high volume and less than a day's drive from a national border."

ICE announced the removal of 392,000 illegal aliens nationwide in fiscal 2010, an increase of 23,000 over the previous year. More than 195,000 of those removed were convicted criminals, ICE said.

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